UK Fragile Freight Network Coverage

We recognise that not all freight is compatible with using a typical overnight pallet or parcel carrier as a greater level of care is required.


It's not rocket science, but the difference lies in the following key points:


  • A network dedicated to fragile freight ensures a higher degree of handling care.


  • Warehousing staff and drivers armed with the experience and resources to ensure a 'kid glove' level of  service.


  • No aspect of your job is subcontracted.


  • Like-for-like loading: Fragile freight travels with fragile freight, not general haulage goods.


  • Rigorous auditing throughout the process to ensure mis-loads, mis-routes etc are identified quickly and resolved.

Our Fragile Freight Service

Your fragile frieght will travel within our nationwide fragile freight network. We understand that we are an extension of your business. With a vested interest in delivering the highest standards throughout the country our vehicles and drivers are well presented providing a polite and helpful service to your customer.


  • Our national network, gives full UK postcode coverage.


  • Based on the clients requirments and volumes we can make daily collections of multiple consignments or on request, it up to you.


  • Barcode technology allows for swift proof of delivery retrieval.


  • Two-man delivery teams available where required.

Fragile Freight Specialists

We have no doubt that whatever your fragile freight needs are we will be able to accommodate. Currently we cater for the following:


  • Shower enclosures
  • White goods
  • Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen furniture
  • Packaged retail goods
  • Packaged furniture
  • Return to warehouse solutions
  • Business to Business solutions
  • Business to home solutions


Contact us to find out more about our fragile freight solutions.

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